Behind the Scenes: An NBC Makeover

I was so excited when NBC’s LXTV asked me to do a “day-kover,” which basically means making over a room in one day. I worked with a fabulous crew, and it was amazing to see what could be accomplished in just a few hours. Here’s a peek behind the scenes to see how the room transformation came together:

9am: Call time. The crew arrives to set up props, lighting, etc.

This is what the dining room looked like before — a disorganized room with a hodgepodge of furniture styles:

In preparation for this day-kover, I found lots of options for decorative door accessories at Simon’s Hardware. I wanted to remove the dreary, painted over pulls and replace them with something fun and nature-inspired.

Out with the old!

10am: Hair and makeup (yay!) by the lovely Dana Murcia.

10:15am: Voila! The finished product. And the shoot begins…

My concept  for the dining room makeover was to inject modern rustic glam into an otherwise drab dining room. I used the table for inspiration and created a theme around this piece.

Step 1: Hang wallpaper. My friend, Steve G, showed me how to hang the wallpaper. It’s a faux barnwood pattern that works to make the room feel more expansive. I know it’s possible to hang it on my own, but after watching Steve G work his magic on previous projects, hiring a pro is the way to go.

I’m currently working on carrying wallpaper in my own collection. Click here for more info.

Step 2: Remove the landlord issued chandelier. Here’s something to remember– just because it’s a rental doesn’t mean you have to live with what’s there. It’s YOUR space. Swapping out a light fixture is an easy solution to customize a room.

And just wait til you see what I replaced it with…. I had a crazy idea to create a light fixture that looked like a cloud floating dreamily above the table. So my friend Vince fabricated it for me (also available through my new product line!):

3pm: The day is a complete whirlwind as I pull the room together. I’m in my decorating “zone,” and the crew films me doing my thing. Then, several hours later…. disaster strikes! The vintage mirror that had been originally hanging on the wall fell off and shattered (thank goodness it missed the camera guy who had just walked by). We were all pretty shaken, and wondering what on earth we’d do to finish the shoot. Fortunately, I hunted around the home and found another mirror — the gilt antique look is definitely not ideal, but it works.

4pm: Whew. New mirror is installed. All the details are in place and I’m ready to shoot the afters.

My “day-kover” segment has aired — you can watch the clip here. For a list of all my TV segments, go here.


I’ve tracked down a few excellent alternatives for a rustic glam dining room.

Ikea has tons of options that work in the dining room. Here are a just a few good ones. Love the light fixture!

Knappa pendant lamp ($29.99)








These plant pots would look great arranged on a table.
Blygsam ($9.99 for a set of 2)








Reidar Chair white ($49.99)









Fun organic shaped vases to cluster for table top decor ($11.95)










Console ($379)









Lighting ($199)
3 of these staggered over the dining table would look dreamy!










Design Within Reach
A great dining chair option— love the traditional silhouette mixed with a modern material Loius Ghost Armchair ($410)






West Elm
Rustic glam in a console. The drawers are great for tucking away napkins and serving ware ($499)


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    • Thank you so much! Here’s a challenge: What if you did something nice today to your home that you already live in? You’re moving anyway so it’ll make it so much easier to transition into your new home. Here’s an idea… go thru a kitchen cabinet and toss out (or donate of course) anything you haven’t used in a year…. logo mugs, mismatched glasses, expired goods. One cabinet at a time for instant gratification. That’s a speed cleaning project! : )

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