Modern Rustic Glam in the Dining Room

As I watch the leaves change color this season,  I’m inspired to keep changing things up in the home. This week, why not  concentrate on your dining room?

I recently met with a client who wanted to make some updates in the dining room area of her loft. Her chairs were old and shabby and stained. She’d had them for years and they’d served their time. The dining room table, which was used as a buffet for large family gatherings over the years, was also in need of updating.  We decided to go for a new one that made a sculptural statement. 

The overall theme for the room? Classic but with an artistic twist. In other words, modern rustic glam.

Here are a few examples… let’s get those creative juices flowing!

A “slab” rustic table. Even its imperfections are perfect.

Now, on to dining room chairs. Pick chairs that are light so you can easily move them to another room in the house for entertaining and that will accommodate the shifting needs of the room. Big and clunky chairs have no place in the dining room.

Modern yet classic. And more importantly? Lightweight.

Love how this looks like a marshmallow!

And what about this fab light fixture to brighten things up?

Shopping tip: This is a great time of year to update the decor in the dining room because many stores are changing up their showrooms, which means many things are on sale. Woohoo!

You’ll be ready for holiday entertaining!


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