Confession: My Terrace Tragedy

So, I have a confession… remember the NBC terrace makeover I did last spring? The results were fantastic, if I do say so myself. One part of the makeover involved planting arborvitae trees because they are so hearty and drought-proof. Well, here’s where happened. Apparently, they couldn’t withstand weeks of scorching summer heat, and I saw in mid-August that 4 of the 6 trees were already dead. The Bleeding Heart? Dead. Oh these poor, poor things.

My recommendation when you have things die on the terrace or in the backyard — get rid of them immediately. It’s much worse to have to look at the skeleton of a tree to remind you what a shoddy job you did of taking care of it. So, at this time of year, what on earth can you do to fill the hole where the dead trees or plants used to be? I spoke with a master gardener and got some tips. I used to be against mums because they look so “funeral.” I’ve changed my tune as long as they are arranged appropriately.

I’m excited to share some ways to arrange flowers with fall style. The best part? These arrangements should look pretty good until January — at least that’s what the master gardener told me. She said to wait until early spring to plant new trees, and for now it’s kale and mums and cabbages (try mixing in parsley, too). Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Here’s to the art of arranging fall containers…


One response

  1. Looks great – I love the cabbages!

    I planted mums this year for the first time, but they are a dark maroon (which seemed like a good idea) and they don’t show up against our mulch at all. I seriously might as well have not gone to the trouble!

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