How to Revamp a Boring Bedroom

Gorgeous new bedroom complete with a bold mural and stunning lighting.

Your bedroom is your place of rest – your own personal sanctuary. It should reflect your personal style, but also feel comfortable and inviting and certainly not dull and dreary! I recently teamed up with George Oliphant on LXTV for a Daykeover (see the video here) to revamp a one-dimensional white bedroom that quite simply had no style. With some fun lighting options and pops of color, we transformed a boring and bare bedroom into one that felt like a five-star resort. Here is how to makeover your own bedroom to create a space that is filled with modern glam.

Create a five-star resort feel to your home with textured sheets like from my Jill Vegas line.

  1. Bring Texture to the Bedroom. This is one of easiest steps to add life to a room. For the room in the video, I added my brand-new bedding collection (check it out here) that created instant texture to the bed. Choosing the right bedding will make you feel like you’re at a five-star resort.
  2. Add Art. I am all about adding art to create visual harmony in a space. For this bedroom, I worked with Sam Simon Projects to create a gorgeous mural to match the bedding. This also created a magical and balanced look that was gorgeous. You can also create visual harmony by picking a bold piece that matches your bedding.
  3. Create a Balanced and Uniformed Look. In the video, I did this by removing the random seating and tables that simply acted as clutter collectors. Get rid of these useless pieces and add in pieces that are stylish and functional like a side table or a bench. A bench is also the perfect way to add a seating area in the bedroom.
  4. Add Color. Add color by adding life with fresh and vibrant flowers – perfect for spring! Sounds too easy? It is! It’s so do-able and you’ll be surprised at how beautiful and joyful your room will feel.
  5. George to the rescue as he talks about the cool outlets by Leviton.

  6. Add Lighting. This bedroom had no bedside lighting so I decided to bring in bursts of light and color with the help of my pal George. George had his friend, an electrician, work with the wiring, and then added in cool outlets by Leviton that can really mix and match with any wall unit. We also added in some reading lights and overhead lights. When adding overhead lights I always tell people to think about what you’re going to be looking at everyday – you want it to be sculptural and visually pleasing.

In just one day we made over this drab and lifeless bedroom into a stunning place that truly looked and felt luxurious.